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What is Gratitude Marketing®

Gratitude Marketing® is a dynamic, client-centered strategy primarily designed to narrow your focus and maximize the relationships you have already cultivated. It’s about recognizing and developing more meaningful relationships with the clients you are committed to for the long term, not just for one transaction. Gratitude Marketing® taps into the wisdom of proven professionals who have used these cutting-edge, real-life ideas to build their businesses. It’s about employing the most effective marketing to continually make a difference in your practice and a profound difference in the lives of your clients. You’ll discover how a well-run Gratitude Marketing® system will put you in control of your clients’ business consistently as change occurs and their need for your services arises and increases. The goal for each advisor using Gratitude Marketing® should be to be able to claim, ” The experience we provide is the best our clients will find, period.

Mike Sciortino

Founder & CEO of
Gratitude Marketing®

Mike Sciortino

Michael F. Sciortino Sr. is a keynote speaker, trainer, and successful business owner with over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering proven, time-tested dynamic marketing applications in retail, wholesale, traditional, and alternative investments.

Mike is available for consulting, speaking engagements, and training workshops. A private consultation about your marketing can start you on the path to keeping clients for life and attracting new ones day in and day out. As a speaker, Mike brings a high-energy, passionate, content-rich style to your event.

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