In the words of Helen Keller,” Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”.

I once heard the mind referred to as the steering wheel of success. So, how can we build that hope and confidence?

The key here is that every day we can choose how to look at  life. On any given day, life is never totally positive or negative. With the right frame of mind, there are no limits to life except the limits you put on yourself. You can choose  to focus on the great opportunities around you and the many still ahead.

Recently,I was at a conference with a speaker who shared an interesting story about the time he met Donald Trump. He said the first thing Trump asked him was, “what two books are you reading now’? Why would he ask such a question? He knew that our thoughts are very often shaped by the quality of information we put in our minds.

If you consistently put the right information in, you’re more likely to succeed since our thoughts and beliefs lead to our actions.

Translation. Read the right books. The books that help make you better. The books that gradually help you improve in order for you to reach your potential. Permanent improvement comes when you master your mindset.

Use this simple  formula to recalibrate your mind daily. Ask yourself, what’s your “TAB”. Thoughts, aim, and beliefs.

Are your thoughts positive and constructive?

Is your aim high enough?

Are your beliefs correct?

Like the check after a good meal, you choose to pick up the tab. Improving your “TAB” will most likely lead you to the positive action necessary to accomplish what is before you.

“Human beings , by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”. (William James)

Let’s face it, your world is becoming busier and more complex. Do you find yourself saying, ” I’d be more successful in business if…( you fill in the blank)”.

Making it a habit to recalibrate your mindset daily will help you implement those things in your personal and business life that will allow you not only to enhance your capabilities but it will also allow you to impact others in a more positive way.