Gratitude might be unexpected but it’s never not welcomed.

We give our time, attention and resources to the people that matter most to us in life. When it comes to your business, your time, attention and resources must belong to the people that matter most, your clients.

Begin by asking yourself,”Are you a standout marketer?” I’m not referring here just to your business experience or credentials. I’m referring to the way you stay “top of mind” with your clients. The most successful marketers I have worked with don’t just market like everyone else in our industry. They look at other industries and ask, ” How can I adapt that idea and use it in my business?”

Stop for a moment and think. In what ways have you been shown gratitude? Can any of these ideas be used in your business? What would it take for you to implement them? What impact will this have on my clients? What impression will they make on your clients? Today many financial advisors base their value proposition on price and performance. But as fees are lowered, or as performance lags, asset retention becomes a real challenge. Not a day goes by that we are not reminded of the threat of the robo-advisor.

An alternative for you is to base your value proposition on a strong, nurtured, long-term relationship focused on client trust. Gaining your client’s trust is fundamental to growing a loyal relationship. Trust is earned through openness, integrity and the consistency of your actions. When you combine relationship-building with consistent nurturing, you create clients for life.

As the famous hotel man, F.W.Statler, once said, ” Life is service. The one who progresses the most is invariably the one who gives a little more, or a little better service.” How can you do this? Show an authentic interest in helping your clients reach their goals. Do this in a deliberate and well thought out manner.This is Gratitude Marketing. It’s a client-centric process that addresses the fact that clients want direct personal contact, and they want it on a regular basis. Why shouldn’t you be the one to give them this?

Have you thanked your clients today?

If not, you run the very real risk of other advisors courting your clients. It’s a funny thing in life that, many times, we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Throughout time, people have always wanted to be appreciated, and they still do today. Clients are no different. Every day presents us with the opportunity to express gratitude through marketing. The success of your company relies on loyal and happy clients. Advisors with a spirit to serve and engage with clients are already on their way to thriving. Soon, you too will be delivering just the right amount of gratitude, one client at a time.