Let’s face it, clients want to feel good about themselves and the decisions they make. They don’t want to be or feel average. Why? We as humans are built for growth. Growth requires us to stretch, reach and to push to our limits. But most clients don’t really know what to do. If they did, they’d be doing it already themselves.

Do your clients believe opportunity is NOWHERE?  Share your perspective with your clients… opportunity is NOW HERE. Same letters, same sequence, just a different way of looking at things. Opportunity is NOW HERE for your clients because they are now benefiting from all your experience with other clients. Those successes and failures uniquely position you to be their guide through the ups and downs they will ultimately encounter along the way.

You owe it to everyone you can positively impact to help them see what’s possible and how they can accomplish it. This begins with the clarity of thought you can provide based on your years of experience working with clients. Your success has been the result of your ability to take complex topics and break them down into small simple steps for your clients to take.  These small steps have had an enormous impact. What you have done is position your clients for many short term wins. It has been a great way to further validate the path you’ve laid out before them to follow. Use these small steps to open up new possibilities for deeper relationships.

Show and Tell

Show me is so much more powerful than tell me. You should be committed to showing your clients different ways to reach their goals until you ultimately help them discover the plan that works best for them. The more you can use a reference example your clients can relate to first and then explain it to them further, the easier it will be for them to grasp. For example, change is an everyday fact of life. I’ve learned that people really don’t mind change, they mind being changed. The most successful business people I know don’t just solve their client’s problems. They show them how to solve it. They educate them. What examples of past client successes can you use to show your clients how they can also achieve their goals?

In the end, where your clients are now doesn’t have to determine where they can be if they will just change and take the next step. As management guru Peter Drucker said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So, focus on presenting a more cohesive picture of what is possible for your clients, believe in what you will do to help your clients, and you will be well on your way to helping them create the future they desire.