How has the marketing industry changed this year, specifically with the Rio Olympics?

As I have enjoyed watching this year’s Olympics and observing the success of Team USA, I have also enjoyed seeing the ways the various sponsors have marketed. I’d like to explore with you the ways you may implement your own successful marketing ideas.

Here are 6 trends or insights I have gathered from my clients:

1) Engage, connect and stay “Top of Mind” as you reach a broader audience.

Not every company has the $100 million to spend on marketing as NBC has done to drive audiences for this year’s Olympics. So how will many companies stand out and stand apart during these Olympics? They will utilize and leverage their content and company centers of influence by using social platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to consistently connect and engage.

2) What can we learn from long time Olympic sponsors like McDonald’s, Proctor&Gamble and Coke?

If you want the heart to prompt the mind to do what logic points to, a warm, caring attitude is vital. These companies realize that kindness is the universal language that connects all people.

Over the years they have demonstrated that relationship building strategies have paid off better than pure sales strategies.  There strategy has stayed the same this year. These three companies are proof that when you combine relationship building ideas with consistent nurturing, including a worldwide Olympic audience, you create customers for life.

3) Implement a visual storytelling strategy.

Companies who want to garner attention before intention will use themes that drive Olympic athletes like determination, dedication, perseverance and excellence to relate to their audience in a real, authentic way through stories.

These stories convert the facts encountered in life into meaningful experiences. Successful companies will connect through stories and make their audience feel the experience if it is easy to understand, easy to follow and most importantly, hard to forget. After all, who doesn’t like a good story?

4) Meet your audience where they are.

There is simply no substitute for authentic, personal, human-to-human relationships. With the increased focus worldwide on wellness and healthier lifestyles, the Olympics offers a wide and attentive forum to engage and connect with customers.

5) Smart marketers know that experiences are what customers remember.

Like the Super Bowl, the Olympics is far more than a sporting event. These two events have been wildly successful because of the experience that has been cultivated before, during and after the events.

Perfect the customer experience and you can create customers for life. From the companies perspective, this leads to what I call the 3 R’s: Increased customer retention, increased referrals and increased revenues.

6) Use special moments of the 42 Olympic events to become memorable.

Companies who become memorable work hard to master the art of consistent, creative, fun engagement and deliberate, emotional connection with them. The Olympics provide many opportunities to do this throughout the games. Make your company a part of creating that feeling for your audience.

Even with the success of Team USA, there is plenty gold to be had by the companies that implement these simple ideas.