How one call can change it all!

Today, I’d like to share one idea regarding gratitude that can have a meaningful impact on your business if practiced consistently. Set aside time each day to call three clients, just to say hi and check in and be fully present in that conversation.  Zig Ziglar stressed that  “you never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

You’re probably thinking, ” Where will I find the time to do this?” Simply put, it requires you to exercise self-control. Oftentimes, the challenges or problems we face force us to grow and become more capable in our businesses.

An astute mentor I had early on would reiterate to me that if I didn’t act, something significant wouldn’t happen. How right he was. Over the years, I’ve realized that I needed to discipline myself to make these calls. Why? Because your unwavering encouragement fuels your clients’ hopes of achieving their goals. Your role is to put in place the positive steps to make the hoped-for results a reality. As an advisor, you have a tremendous platform to deliver life-changing impact. Years from now, thanks to your guidance, your clients will be able to say, ” I’m glad I did” versus ” I wish I had.”

You can inspire your clients by presenting them with a practical and attainable positive vision for their future. With your help, your clients’ compelling dreams will generate the discipline they need to push past their fears and reach their goals.

Two words are all you need.

I have found there are two words, which if they’re used regularly in your calls with your clients or prospects, can provide incredible growth in your practice. These two words help you to see things clearly from your clients’ frame of reference. They help your clients reveal who they really are. Ready for them?

Tell me. Tell me about you: your hopes, dreams, goals, past experiences, successes and failures, likes and dislikes. Tell me about what you want and need. Tell me your why.

These two words are powerful. Face it: people are interested in themselves. They do business with those who take a sincere interest in them and listen to what they’re saying they want and need. After listening to their clients, the successful financial advisors we work with are able to present only those key benefits of a solution that are of real importance to a client. This eliminates the clutter that occurs when too much information is presented and no decision can be reached on a course of action. This also gives you the opportunity to share with your clients what your company stands for and how such values will benefit them.

Your path to greater success in client relationships begins with understanding and respecting how your clients view life. Your clients’ success starts with you consistently using the two words!