You’ve probably heard the old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Well, the most successful advisors I know have an innate ability to regularly demonstrate their caring to their clients. They do it consistently with what appears to be little effort. In reality, their approach is well planned and targeted to grow their practice. Below is a list of 7 ways to nurture client relationships.

1) People want to feel special, valued, respected and cared for. Your clients are dear and valued friends who have trusted you and valued you. Reciprocate by letting them know what they mean to you on a consistent basis.

2) Focus on doing all you can do to help your client be the best they can.

3) Send them valuable information on hobbies and activities that are outside of your area of expertise. Show them you care.

4) Communicate from the heart about their ever changing needs, not yours. Make it a benefit to them.

5) If you have a good friend in life, how often do you communicate with him/her? Should you communicate with your customers any less? Do you think your relationship grows stronger with each and every communication? Absolutely!

6) Show them specifically how they can benefit from information you are sending them. Never assume they will automatically relate.

7) Ask clients how you can improve your service to them then make the necessary adjustments.

My challenge to you is that you adopt the strategies referred to in the list above and monitor the impact on your business over the next three months. The results will amaze you.

I look forward to hearing your many success stories once you’ve implemented these ideas.