With Thanksgiving two days away, the holidays are upon us once again. The holidays offer another tremendous opportunity to nurture your relationships and make a memorable connection with your clients. They are a magical time of year for celebration and fellowship.

So, how do you celebrate the Holidays with your clients?

Today I will share a couple ideas that we’ve used over the years with our clients to create long lasting memories. There’s still time for you to plan your event for this year.

Idea #1: Host a Holiday Season Night at the Theater

Begin by sending a letter out to your clients inviting them to a special holiday show at the theater. Limit the number of free tickets and make it first-come, first-served. Then rent a bus. Have your clients meet and park at your office to ride together to the theater on the bus. Your clients will enjoy a wonderful evening of live theater, memories will be created, and you can make it a regular event in your practice. Your clients will look forward to this event each year. Another side benefit of this event will be the positive word-of-mouth attention to your practice in the community.

Idea #2: Rent a Movie Theater

Not much goes on at your local movie theater on Saturday mornings, so why not approach the manager with this idea: Since the theater has a fixed cost during this time but no revenue, ask if the management would consider letting you rent the theater on a Saturday morning to invite your clients for a special showing of a holiday classic. You should be able to negotiate a reasonable rental rate and a discounted rate for the refreshments.

Invite your clients and their families, children, and/or grandchildren to take time out together from the hustle and bustle of the season and get in the spirit. Before the movie, give each child a small soft drink and a bag of popcorn. If you want, you can even hire Santa Claus to come and take a photograph with all the children. This will save your clients the hassle of taking their kids to the mall to have pictures taken and provide a lifelong memory. If you really want to take this idea to the next level, get specialty photo frames made up and have the photo of the child with Santa placed in a frame that comes from your firm. Put your name on the back, not the front, of the frame. That way, each year when your clients take the photo out, they’ll be reminded of where they got it. Little things like that have  unbelievable top-of-mind staying power from year to year.

William Arthur Ward said,” Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” Make this a Holiday Season that you express your gratitude and create nice memories for your clients.